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Have you heard of Float Therapy, also known as, Sensory Deprivation?

It's where you get into a Float Tank filled with a warm, dense solution of epsom salt water. You lie naked there, floating on this water in this room that is completely dark, without sounds. I've done 60 minute and 90 minute sessions in the past but there are other time duration options too.

What does it help with? According to HolosNYC's pamphlet the benefits include

intense relaxation, relieves stress & anxiety, aid for phobias & depression, boosts creativity, improves concentration, releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, relieves joint pain & inflammation, and more. Now while I can't vouch for the benefits, I will describe my experience and how I benefit from it. But first, let's talk about where I went.

Here's my recent Float experience at a location in New York city.

On Wednesday, January 25th, I went to Holosnyc (formerly Infinity Float, , located on 27 East 21st street) for my Float Tank aka Sensory Deprivation session. I've been here before but I took pictures this time so I could share them here with you.

Holos is on the second floor and this is the sign you see when the elevator door opens.

This is what the front desk looks like. The receptionist didn't want to be in the picture though.

And around the corner is this chill and rest spot.

Since I've floated multiples times before and I've been at this location before I was brought to my tank immediately. If it's your first time you get the whole tour and tutorial.

This is what the entrance to the room looks like. It has an area to take off and rest your clothes as well as a shower location.

And here is a picture of the entrance to the tank.

And here's a video as well (sorry for the video quality, I know it's not that great.)

So you do have the option to have a little light and some music but personally I do it completely in the dark with no music and with earplugs (which they provide) in my ears.

I usually do some breathwork-meditation-cultivation practices while Floating and that is what I did this time. I definitely got really relaxed about 20 minutes into the session and dozed off a few times. I overall had a great float session.

I do have to share a friend's experience. We went to a float place but started our float sessions (you float by yourself in your own tank), but she left the tank early because she did not feel comfortable. This type of experience can definitely feel uncomfortable because it can really bring you more intimately to your body, heart, and mind which is not something most people are used to in the hyper-busy mode and life we have in the city. If you're concerned about how you will do but want to try it, I recommend starting with the 60 minute version; or you could ask if they can do a shorter one. However, if you are somewhat experienced with meditation or other relaxation modalities or simply really want to try it, I definitely encourage you to do the 90 minute or 120 minute version.

Here is their services price list as of the day I went there. Please note while I have done some of their services I don't know enough to tell you about them much... for now.

The place is owned by Noran Malouf, who has a doctoral degree in classical and traditional acupuncture as well as a slew of other healing modalities (maybe that's why I get along with him.) He is a nice fellow and I took a picture with him.

So let's talk about Float Therapy aka Sensory Deprivation some more. Most of this will be from my experience and perspective. It is a therapeutic modality where you lie in a tank of epsom salt water while you are Deprived of visual, hearing, and some tactile sensations. It allows you to "be alone with" your body, heart, and mind; it is an opportunity to discourse with your inner sensations, feelings, and thoughts. You also absorb the salts through your skin which adds to the whole experience and your health. For me, it is an excellent way to decompress and un-distract myself from worries. I plan on making it a routine part of my health journey.

Doing these float sessions also help me give better treatments as an Osteopathic Physician focusing on Osteopathy in my practice. It would be very beneficial for you to do the Float sessions and come to me to get your Osteopathic Treatment. Actually, I think it would be really great to do them in the same day.

In my experience, both Osteopathy and Floating work with your innate Health and support it so that it can aid your recovery from different ailments. Getting in tune with your body, heart, mind and more as well as getting those different aspects of yourself to be more in tune with each other is crucial to health. My job is to help clear the obstacles and excess traffic that impedes this process for you so that you can have

- less neck and back pain and more freedom of movement

- less headache and brain-fog and more clarity

- less anxiety and restlessness and more relaxation and restfulness

If you'd like to learn more or work with me, go to to get started.

Maintaining good health includes regular visits to your doctor to monitor vital systems and to treat small problems before they become larger issues. Your relationship with your physician can be a critical factor in helping you to stay healthy throughout the various stages of life. At Dr. Francis Yoo’s office in Midtown, New York City, we offer a broad range of medical options for better health.

Responsive Care With Individual Needs in Mind

Regular checkups are critical for determining your current state of health and making the corrections needed to ensure that you continue to thrive as the years pass. Dr. Yoo gives each of his patients the time and care needed to understand their specific needs and to find the right strategy needed to manage health issues and encourage good health in the future.

Osteopathic Medicine Offers Additional Options For Treatment

The medical field of osteopathy involves specific methods of manual treatment to correct problems in the musculoskeletal system. Combined with conventional medical care, this strategy allows patients to manage health problems more effectively and restores health more quickly. This whole-body approach to health not only helps to relieve specific conditions. It can also help to resist disease and foster better habits to maintain good health.

A Whole Person Approach To Patient Care

One of the advantages of osteopathic medicine is that it sees patients, not simply as disease states, but offers a “whole person” approach that looks at various areas of the individual’s lifestyle and habits that can help to improve health. Dr. Yoo has been trained in a broad range of techniques that help to relieve discomfort and encourage the body to work effectively as a unit. In this way, patients are able to enjoy improved health and function at every age.

Make Dr. Francis Yoo D.O. Your Physician in Midtown New York

Dr. Yoo uses his extensive training in osteopathic methods and general medicine to help his patients in New York City, NY enjoy better health and more effective physical function. Whether you have a particular health issue or simply want to improve your general condition, Dr. Yoo offers individual attention and a variety of options for treatment. Dr. Yoo is also available for house calls and home visits. Contact the office of Dr. Francis Yoo today at 631-594-7855 to make an appointment to learn how we can help you increase your health, function and well-being.

  • Dr. Francis Yoo, DO

Headaches can put a damper on just about every part of your life if you don't get a handle on them as quickly as possible. There are many possible solutions for them since so many different things can cause them. These are some suggestions for recovering if you've been dealing with headache issues:

Try OTC and Home Care

One thing you can do if you need to alleviate headaches is to handle them with over-the-counter solutions, vitamins, and other home care. Tylenol and ibuprofen may work to resolve your issues. Ibuprofen is mostly an anti-inflammatory medication. Therefore, it will most likely eliminate any inflammation you are experiencing in your head or the rest of your body. Hydrating yourself and ensuring that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day is important. It's also essential for you to check to ensure that you don't have vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies can cause recurring headaches.

Alleviate the Stress in Your Life

Stress is many people's worst enemy. It can cause problems, such as fatigue, depression, and headaches. Many people are walking around right now with stress headaches and don't even realize it because they're internalizing their stress. Take some time to think about what's going on in your life right now and ensure that you aren't just having headaches because you're stressed out.

Ensure That Your Teeth Are Healthy

Dental problems can cause headaches and other issues. That's why it's important that you visit a dentist just in case you're experiencing an issue that can resolve your headaches once it's fixed. Allow your dentist to check your teeth to see if you have any infections causing you to get repeated headaches as your body fights it. Once you resolve the dental problem, you can also resolve your headaches if they're the cause.

Try an Osteopathic Approach

Visiting an osteopathic physician might be the right approach to take for your issues. An osteopathic approach is one that looks at all of your body's systems and sees how they tie in with each other. For example, the headaches you're having might have something to do with an emotional reaction you're having to something. They could also have something to do with sinus problems, shoulder pain, musculoskeletal pain, and the like. This type of specialist will help you pinpoint the problem and find the best way to resolve it using a mixture of treatments. This might be the best approach to take for your specific issue.

Get the Rest You Need Every Night

Failure to get an appropriate amount of sleep can also cause headaches and other issues. Therefore, you should try to get hours of sleep. Sometimes, life prevents people from being able to do that. If you can't get eight, you should get as many as you can possibly get.

Those are some solutions you can try and then see how well they work for you. There is hope for recovery from your headaches. You just have to pinpoint the problem and then choose the best solution for that issue.

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