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Osteopathic Medicine Offers Patients More Options For Treatment

Maintaining good health includes regular visits to your doctor to monitor vital systems and to treat small problems before they become larger issues. Your relationship with your physician can be a critical factor in helping you to stay healthy throughout the various stages of life. At Dr. Francis Yoo’s office in Midtown, New York City, we offer a broad range of medical options for better health.

Responsive Care With Individual Needs in Mind

Regular checkups are critical for determining your current state of health and making the corrections needed to ensure that you continue to thrive as the years pass. Dr. Yoo gives each of his patients the time and care needed to understand their specific needs and to find the right strategy needed to manage health issues and encourage good health in the future.

Osteopathic Medicine Offers Additional Options For Treatment

The medical field of osteopathy involves specific methods of manual treatment to correct problems in the musculoskeletal system. Combined with conventional medical care, this strategy allows patients to manage health problems more effectively and restores health more quickly. This whole-body approach to health not only helps to relieve specific conditions. It can also help to resist disease and foster better habits to maintain good health.

A Whole Person Approach To Patient Care

One of the advantages of osteopathic medicine is that it sees patients, not simply as disease states, but offers a “whole person” approach that looks at various areas of the individual’s lifestyle and habits that can help to improve health. Dr. Yoo has been trained in a broad range of techniques that help to relieve discomfort and encourage the body to work effectively as a unit. In this way, patients are able to enjoy improved health and function at every age.

Make Dr. Francis Yoo D.O. Your Physician in Midtown New York

Dr. Yoo uses his extensive training in osteopathic methods and general medicine to help his patients in New York City, NY enjoy better health and more effective physical function. Whether you have a particular health issue or simply want to improve your general condition, Dr. Yoo offers individual attention and a variety of options for treatment. Dr. Yoo is also available for house calls and home visits. Contact the office of Dr. Francis Yoo today at 631-594-7855 to make an appointment to learn how we can help you increase your health, function and well-being.

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