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The 2023 Integrative Healthcare Symposium took place on March 23-25 of 2023.

Here are my takeaways.

I attended several of the talks and workshops but there were two that were particularly good, one by Mark Hyman MD and Jeffrey Bland PhD (the "father" of functional medicine). Both spoke intelligently and coherently, expressing updates in recent news in Integrative Medicine / Healthcare.

I plan on getting and reading Mark Hyman's book "Young Forever." I did point out to him in a short conversation that I disagreed with the title of the book because it glorifies being young when another way to look at what he is talking about is aging better in a wonderful healthy way, living a long and healthful, meaningful life.

Also, he is quite tall.

The other talk that was good was by Jeffrey Bland. While I do not practice functional medicine, I have taken a few courses and understand/appreciate its significance. It's something that Jeffrey Bland really contributed to much over the years.

I took a photo of him getting a standing ovation at the end of his talk. I was quite far away as is evident in the photo.

Both Mark and Jeffrey mentioned Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat as a food with health benefits to look out for. It seems like it's been mentioned before and is not terribly new, but I find it worth mentioning at the very least.

There were many, many booths at the exhibit hall. Though I had a goal to not take stuff with me, I took a few samples from Boiron (homeopathics) which I took to my office, which was a short walking distance away from the venue, and some magnesium for myself. Besides that I tried out a sauna and PEMF (ampcoil), and did a auricular acupuncture session.

I am heavily considering getting a PEMF device for myself and for my practice ( and a sauna for myself down the line.

I have taken hundreds of hours of acupuncture courses-training and I recognized all of the points they used but it has not been a large part of my practice. Perhaps it is time to bring it back.

I also spend some time speaking with the representatives at the Dr. Amen clinic booth and the Naturepedic bed folks.

Another item I was curious a bit about but I don't know much about is the health benefits of hyperbaric oxygen.

I also had fun speaking with fellow attendees about various health topics.

One of my attributes is that I have a wide fund of knowledge, having studied Clinical Homeopathy, Acupuncture, some Functional Medicine, and more. However, the best way for me to give value to my patients is through Osteopathy at my Midtown-NYC medical practice ( where I work with the Health of my patients to help resolve health concerns including back pain, neck pain, restlessness and excess-stress related conditions, Long COVID, traumas, shocks, headaches, brainfog, and more. While I don't focus too much on other modalities such as Functional Medicine, I can converse about them and make suggestions on whether people would benefit from it and make referrals when necessary.

If you're looking for a physician in New York City to help you with

- neck pain, back pain, structural issues, especially chronic

- headaches, brainfog, restlessness

- excess stress and stress related unease

- Long COVID

Have you ever been delayed because the train you are on or waiting for is stalled because of an issue with a subway train somewhere else?

"The Q train is delayed because we were working on an issue at another stop."

People can't get where they need to go. Maybe they're irritated, nervous, agitated, unhappy. This atmosphere spreads and affects others in the area, the platform, the station, and the whole system!

I consider each person an interwoven, inter-related whole with various pathways and their related stations - arteries, veins, nerves, extracellular matrix / meridians, lymphatics, cerebral spinal fluid, thoughts, emotions, nutrients, air.

I consider pain, restlessness, trouble concentrating - any symptom - to be a restriction in the whole system.

Sometimes the area of restriction is where the symptom is and sometimes it is not.

My role, as your Osteopath, is to find the station, pathway, or train that is needs some help to get the whole system to function in a more Healthful way.

I check my patients head to toe, bones, joints, fascia, muscles, blood-flow, air/respiratory circulation, nerve flow, cerebrospinal fluid, cranium and face, "fluid body," qi, primary Meridians, extraordinary vessels, the 5 phases from the Chinese medicine perspective, and more.

I use my hands to find work with your "subway" system to take care of those delays so everything can flow better. With this comes resolution of bothersome symptoms.

If you would like me to help with your whole system and get things moving and flowing better make an appointment at

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