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Rest, relaxation, and calm are important elements for healing and wellness. However, many of us live our lives in a way that is not conducive to relaxation and healing. Things to do, overwhelm, staying up late, suboptimal sleep - nutrition - activity - meaningful relationships.

I often get patients tell me after their first Osteopathic treatment with me that "Wow! I havn't felt this relaxed in a long time!"

What my treatment did was

- Balance their autonomic nervous system,

- Help with their lymphatic drainage and flow

- Promoting better blood flow

- Allow their body to feel safe

- Resolve shocks and tensions

- Reduce excess-unnecessary nervousness and anxiety.

This is what Osteopathy does and more.

It expresses the Health and Harmony innate to the person.

It helps you rest, relax, and heal.

If you also want to say "I havn't felt this relaxed in a long time!" then go to this link:

As a faculty member at the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine department the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harlem I have the privilege and delight to help teach future Osteopathic Physicians. I am with them weekly in small-group sessions where I help with palpation and treatments. I also occasionally lead these large group interactive didactic sessions.

I hope you can see I am excited.

The topic for this hour was the cranial membranes - anatomy, physiology, osteopathic concepts and approach. I have taken hundreds of hours of extra courses/training focusing on the head and the expanded focus of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and it is large part of my approach to all of my patients.

I often get patients who have heard of "craniosacral therapy" but not that DOs/Osteopaths do cranial work! This is unfortunate since the DOs are the ones that the ones that were regularly talking about and working with the cranial motions, fascia, lymphatics, vagus nerve/parasympathetic nervous system and much more in the modern-western medical model before fascial workers, lymphatic massagers, and various other bodyworkers. More on those topics in future posts!

If you need help from someone who has a lot of training and experience using Osteopathy on the head and using various cranial models to help with brain fog, headache/migraine, fatigue, or feeling like your head is in a vice, I can help you.

Get started today by going to

A question I get asked a lot is: What is Osteopathy?

Another version of this question is: So what exactly are you doing with your hands during the treatment sessions?

I often give this answer as an analogy.

In New York City, there are a lot of cars. Plus, a lot of the roads, exits, and merging areas are not designed in a way to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Let's there is an accident, a blockage, too many cars - then you get more traffic, and you get more congestion, and you get more irritation and pain!

When everything is flowing there is no congestion and there is no irritation and pain.

The same goes for the health of the body: if there are restrictions in the tissue, bones, fascia, joints, fluid you get suboptimal flow and you get more traffic and congestion, and you get irritation and pain.

Tissue texture changes, asymmetry, restrictions cause increased traffic so that the blood, the nerves, the lymphatics, the piezoelectricity cannot flow optimally leading to irritation, pain, and more symptoms.

My work is to be the helpful traffic controller - I find the "accident" and "blockage" areas that are causing traffic and congestion and reducing proper flow and then I use my hands to aid your innate Healing capacity and forces to unwind the restrictions and the traffic. Or, in others, we get the restrictions decongested.

Less backed up traffic means less irritation and pain.

Proper flowing traffic means Health.

These restrictions and backed up traffic can cause all sorts of symptoms: musculoskeletal pain, breathing and digestive issues, fatigue and concentration problems.

If you are already a patient of mine I hope this helps you understand more about what I do; if someone asks you about what I do, send them the link to this post!

If you are not a patient of mine and need help resolving and clearing up blockages and restrictions causing traffic and congestion, get started by booking an appointment or call with me today!

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