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"I'm currently the most fit and metabolically healthy I have ever been my entire (adult) life. And it's gonna get better."

I posted this on my personal social media account yesterday and I had one person comment:

"What do you credit it to?"

And another person commented:

"Do you have a routine of some kind."

It has been a 3 year journey that has started to yield evident fruit in my life and I have been adapting various actions, thoughts, and feelings through it all. I'll break it down to these three categories. I'll probably do separate posts about each of these in the future.


- I have been doing a brief exercise in the morning using the X3 bar at home as my primary modality of exercise. The focus is on high intensity interval training using variable resistance. - I have been seeing a Jungian psychoanalyst for 3 years. In these weekly ~1 hour sessions I get help from my psychoanalyst to explore my psyche via symbols in daily activities and my dreams.

- Sticking to a waking up / going to bed time most of the week; at least 4 days of the week I go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

- Cultivation: I have been doing various practices and routines to cultivate Health, Harmony, Presence, Wholeness. This includes

-- using magnets and cords on extraordinary vessel master-couple points.

-- QiGong / Inner Alchemy / KAP practices

- Going to see doctors and other health-care experts, especially getting Osteopathic treatments for myself.

- Nutrition and eating: I realized recently that I had an unhealthy relationship with food and eating and only recently started training myself to eat in a way that is nutritious for me.

-- I make sure I get enough protein to also go along with my muscle training. I supplement with Fortagen daily as well.

-- Daily Athletic Greens.

-- I avoid wheat because I have been told by trustworthy physicians that I am sensitive to it.

-- Minimal (digestible) carbohydrates (bread, rice, fruits) unless I am being really physically active.


- I've been feeding my head-mind-brain with useful, positively-transforming ideas and implementing the ones that are appropriate for me. This is a bit vague but it's partly because I've been reading so many books.

- Here is one example: "The Gap and The Gain" is a book I am listening to now and it is helping me self-observe and reframe negative perspectives and self-defeated/value-lowering thoughts.


- I have been practicing tuning into my inner Integrity, Authenticity, Values and what my Body Center is asking of me. Being willing to face my feelings and be earnest with them has been valuable to me.

- Re-evaluating my values and whether my priorities matched my values and whether my actions matched my priorities.

My current morning routine:

1) Wake up.

2) Check my oura ring's data about my night's sleep.

3) Sometimes I do morning cultivation with magnets and cords for an extraordinary vessel.

4) Athletic Greens, Fortagen (I'm not sure if it's optimal to take them together but it works for me for now.)

5) Physical exercise with X3 bar. (During breaks between sets I study a few Japanese vocabulary words).

6) On days where I do not need to leave right away I journal while drinking Mud/Wtr.

I do plan on getting to the journaling on a more consistent basis.

My current bed-time routine

1) Computer and phone goes on "night mode" to reduce bright lights ~2 hours before bedtime.

2) I take "pass thru the night" herbal preparation in hot water. (I brush my teeth at some point after I drink this as a tea).

3) I sometimes turn off lights as well and use a candle indoors. I do realize I have a certain luxury to be able to do this and might be harder for others.

4) Stretching - sometimes I do it head to toe but I usually focus on specific muscle groups I need to stretch.

5) After lying down I do a cultivation "technique" (based on the biodynamic perspective of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Inner Alchemy) where I get my autonomics nervous system Neutral, still, and balanced. If I don't fall asleep right away (which is often) I extend this to other parts of my body.

As mentioned earlier, getting Osteopathic treatments for myself was instrumental in all of this. If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment with me go to:

Rest, relaxation, and calm are important elements for healing and wellness. However, many of us live our lives in a way that is not conducive to relaxation and healing. Things to do, overwhelm, staying up late, suboptimal sleep - nutrition - activity - meaningful relationships.

I often get patients tell me after their first Osteopathic treatment with me that "Wow! I havn't felt this relaxed in a long time!"

What my treatment did was

- Balance their autonomic nervous system,

- Help with their lymphatic drainage and flow

- Promoting better blood flow

- Allow their body to feel safe

- Resolve shocks and tensions

- Reduce excess-unnecessary nervousness and anxiety.

This is what Osteopathy does and more.

It expresses the Health and Harmony innate to the person.

It helps you rest, relax, and heal.

If you also want to say "I havn't felt this relaxed in a long time!" then go to this link:

As a faculty member at the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine department the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harlem I have the privilege and delight to help teach future Osteopathic Physicians. I am with them weekly in small-group sessions where I help with palpation and treatments. I also occasionally lead these large group interactive didactic sessions.

I hope you can see I am excited.

The topic for this hour was the cranial membranes - anatomy, physiology, osteopathic concepts and approach. I have taken hundreds of hours of extra courses/training focusing on the head and the expanded focus of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and it is large part of my approach to all of my patients.

I often get patients who have heard of "craniosacral therapy" but not that DOs/Osteopaths do cranial work! This is unfortunate since the DOs are the ones that the ones that were regularly talking about and working with the cranial motions, fascia, lymphatics, vagus nerve/parasympathetic nervous system and much more in the modern-western medical model before fascial workers, lymphatic massagers, and various other bodyworkers. More on those topics in future posts!

If you need help from someone who has a lot of training and experience using Osteopathy on the head and using various cranial models to help with brain fog, headache/migraine, fatigue, or feeling like your head is in a vice, I can help you.

Get started today by going to

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