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I recently did an interview with MysticMag about my practice titled "Harmony in Health: A Fusion of Eastern-Western Perspectives by Dr. Francis Yoo"

You can check it out by clicking HERE.

  • francisyoodo

Last Wednesday, I went to my $0 cost stretching consultation session at Stretch Zone at its Union Square location. I would like to share my experience.

I first found out about via an advertisement on social media. Wanting to connect and collaborate with more people and to get some work done on my body I decided to give it a shot.

My 1-hour session was scheduled for 11 AM and I got there just before that time.

The location itself was very easy to find.

After taking the elevator up, there was a nice, clean welcoming area with some calming music.

I then had a relatively quick intake session with my stretcher; I expected the health-medical questions they asked. I then had my 20 minute introductory stretch-assisted session. He stretched out various muscles on my back, shoulders, and hips while getting feedback from me about the intensity of the stretch 3/10, 5/10, 7/10. I think he had a slightly harder time with me because I am hyperflexible in certain areas. At one point we could not get my hip abductors stretched out without putting a lot of pressure on my knees so we could not really do that one well.

I don't really know much about their Stretch zone Method or how they train their stretchers but I can say

1) It is probably safe for most people. If you are interested in trying it the most important thing to know is to be specific in telling them whether something is uncomfortable or not so they can adjust their intensity and technique.

2) Those would any musculoskeletal conditions or hypermobility should ask their physician first whether this would be good for them or not.

3) Is it better than stretching on your own? Yes and no. Yes because they can get a deeper stretch than you can get on your own (in general) AND it's less effort since someone else is doing it. No because it is possible they may go more intensely than you would really like and cause an injury; again it's important to give accurate, timely feedback.

4) Will it be helpful for my patients who get Osteopathic Manipulation, Acupuncture, and guided breathwork-movement? It depends. It's really person-specific. It's definitely NOT a replacement for seeing me and getting Osteopathy to recalibrate and rejuvenate your body-mind-spirit.

After my session I was offered different packages and offers to get future sessions and I signed up for some more so I could experience it again before making a more definitive conclusion.

Depending on my future experience with them I may decide to collaborate with them, so stay tuned.

Do you need help with restoration and address bodily pain, mental irritation, and spiritual restlessness?

Go to and schedule your visit with me at today!

  • francisyoodo

Have you ever received a shock that really discombobulated you?

Maybe it was unexpected bad news.

Maybe a fall or accident.

Maybe a devastating life event, loss, or transition.

Maybe someone tried to scare you and you felt startled.

Whatever the form, the energy from that shock has to go somewhere and it can very easily get into your body and stay in there. It creeps into the connective tissue and the energy is stored as an abnormal configuration of the cells, tissues, fascia, joints, bones, fluids.

This is something I have increasingly been looking for in my patients especially after COVID times. Whether you had COVID, consider yourself having long-COVID or being a long-hauler, or simply feel like life is not the same since COVID you probably have shock, shock that I can help get out of your system.

I have learned different ways to treat this retained shock but I went to an official educational course on this topic. I've been surprised how many people have shock retained as energy that is now stored as misconfigured tissue.

If I had to describe what it feels like I would say it feels inflexible, resistant, and tired yet hyperexcited at the same time. I had one patient today who could not bend her back (thoracolumbar part of her spine) at all side to side. By the end of the visit she was able to bend side to side and felt more flexible and mobile.

If you're ready to get the shock out of your system especially COVID and COVID times related ones, go to today.

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