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FAQ: What is Osteopathy? What do you do? (Traffic Controller Answer)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

A question I get asked a lot is: What is Osteopathy?

Another version of this question is: So what exactly are you doing with your hands during the treatment sessions?

I often give this answer as an analogy.

In New York City, there are a lot of cars. Plus, a lot of the roads, exits, and merging areas are not designed in a way to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Let's there is an accident, a blockage, too many cars - then you get more traffic, and you get more congestion, and you get more irritation and pain!

When everything is flowing there is no congestion and there is no irritation and pain.

The same goes for the health of the body: if there are restrictions in the tissue, bones, fascia, joints, fluid you get suboptimal flow and you get more traffic and congestion, and you get irritation and pain.

Tissue texture changes, asymmetry, restrictions cause increased traffic so that the blood, the nerves, the lymphatics, the piezoelectricity cannot flow optimally leading to irritation, pain, and more symptoms.

My work is to be the helpful traffic controller - I find the "accident" and "blockage" areas that are causing traffic and congestion and reducing proper flow and then I use my hands to aid your innate Healing capacity and forces to unwind the restrictions and the traffic. Or, in others, we get the restrictions decongested.

Less backed up traffic means less irritation and pain.

Proper flowing traffic means Health.

These restrictions and backed up traffic can cause all sorts of symptoms: musculoskeletal pain, breathing and digestive issues, fatigue and concentration problems.

If you are already a patient of mine I hope this helps you understand more about what I do; if someone asks you about what I do, send them the link to this post!

If you are not a patient of mine and need help resolving and clearing up blockages and restrictions causing traffic and congestion, get started by booking an appointment or call with me today!

What is osteopathy

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