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Getting your "subway" matrix running smoothly.

Have you ever been delayed because the train you are on or waiting for is stalled because of an issue with a subway train somewhere else?

"The Q train is delayed because we were working on an issue at another stop."

People can't get where they need to go. Maybe they're irritated, nervous, agitated, unhappy. This atmosphere spreads and affects others in the area, the platform, the station, and the whole system!

I consider each person an interwoven, inter-related whole with various pathways and their related stations - arteries, veins, nerves, extracellular matrix / meridians, lymphatics, cerebral spinal fluid, thoughts, emotions, nutrients, air.

I consider pain, restlessness, trouble concentrating - any symptom - to be a restriction in the whole system.

Sometimes the area of restriction is where the symptom is and sometimes it is not.

My role, as your Osteopath, is to find the station, pathway, or train that is needs some help to get the whole system to function in a more Healthful way.

I check my patients head to toe, bones, joints, fascia, muscles, blood-flow, air/respiratory circulation, nerve flow, cerebrospinal fluid, cranium and face, "fluid body," qi, primary Meridians, extraordinary vessels, the 5 phases from the Chinese medicine perspective, and more.

I use my hands to find work with your "subway" system to take care of those delays so everything can flow better. With this comes resolution of bothersome symptoms.

If you would like me to help with your whole system and get things moving and flowing better make an appointment at

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