I'm Dr. Francis Yoo and I help motivated physicians with their personal development so that they can go deeper and further in life.


I believe that physicians are capable of getting much, much more out of life but they lack the resources to do so. They were just not taught the importance of personal development, self-awareness, and inner work.


I help physicians develop the   insight, knowledge, skills to profoundly improve their well-being, career, and relationships.

How well do you know yourself?

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My Services

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- Dispel career confusion
- Streamline decision making
- And be true to your vision and values

A review from a reader:

"This book is concise and has many actionable steps, which help physicians and other individuals identity and ultimately make the proper adjustments to start living their ideal."

Pursue and become the

"Authentic Dr. You"

in a group or one-on-one program

8 week program with

- Interactive group lessons

- Q&A sessions

- One-on-one guidance

- Exercises and practices

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