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"Much can be said about the person Dr. Yoo is but he certainly is true to his authentic self. As a fellow physician Francis has helped me dig deep into who I am, what my values are and how to use them moving forward. Would recommend Francis to all of my physician colleagues who could use some direction!"

Dr. A Tisser, DO


"After reading and listening to Dr. Francis Yoo's thoughts, I have come to find how insightful he is! He makes me think on a deeper level which has found it's way into my everyday life and thoughts about my future. I try to find any free moment I can to listen to his thoughts and teachings, as it helps to enlighten me! I continue to look up to Dr. Yoo as a mentor!

Anything to add: Greatly experienced and adept human being, skilled in many different facets of life!" 
Dr. C Ramgoolam, DO

"Dr. Yoo is a physician, and entrepreneur. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several projects. He is enthusiastic, cares about his clients, demonstrates integrity, and has his client's best interests at heart. His recent book - Physician Freedom: Living Your Authentic Physician Life (https://amzn.to/2SqwmpF) is outstanding and well written. It talks about living your best life and designing your life based on your values and beliefs, and reverse engineering and deconstructing success to fit your own definition of success. In conclusion, I highly recommend Dr. Francis Yoo whether you hire him as a coach-mentor, or get his book."
Dr. C Loo MD, PhD

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