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Who is on your team and who do you need on your team? (part 1)

Teams are ubiquitous in clinical medicine. You have the classic medicine team with the 3rd year medical student, 4th year Sub-I medical student, two interns, one senior resident, and attending physicians. A patient at a clinic I worked at interacted (either directly or indirectly) with receptionist staff, nursing staff, medical student, resident, attending, and perhaps a phlebotomist during their visit.

Teams are ubiquitous outside of clinical medicine for... anyone reading this.

This is not negotiable nor a suggestion.

It is ESSENTIAL to have your team to navigate and journey through life to perform your mission, get closer to your vision, and manifest your purpose. These are the people whose help you need.

My team is growing but currently includes:

An accountant

A Jungian psychoanalyst that I have a session with every 1-2 weeks

A life coach team that I am going to be working with starting in June

A part-time personal assistant

An art designer for the cover of my upcoming book "COVID contemplations for self-awareness and personal development"

My life insurance / disability insurance contacts

Financial advisors

My malpractice insurance contact

My business insurance contact

My network and contacts

Dr. Christopher Loo, MD-PhD with whom I will be presenting a webinar on June 4th, Thursday, at 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST: Learn How to Develop Multiple Income Streams Without Quitting Your Job (sign up link https://bit.ly/3cPjGkd )

Who is on YOUR team?

In part 2 I'll discuss who I NEED on my team as well as how to structure and organize your team.


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