• Dr. Francis Yoo

When those who are responsible don't take responsibility

When those who are responsible don't take responsibility

There has been a great increase in those standing up against racism, police brutality, and antagonistic human behavior (property destruction of non-involved parties).

People are protesting in person, on social media, and in all sorts of ways as well as professing the desire to part of the solution but maybe not knowing how.

There is one thing that is blatantly missing: Perpetrators are not taking responsibility for their actions.

Yes there are instances of police officers blatantly attacking and killing, especially the many Black lives, being identified and successfully being brought to justice.

Rarely have we seen any of them take personal responsibility for their actions. Without clarification, we can only take the absence of personal admission of guilt that these police officers absolutely believed what they did was correct, even if they were tried and found guilty by the law and by the voices of many.

Second, I don't know about you, but I don't see the names and faces of these officers' superiors, bosses, overseers on the news or on social media. We don't know who they are, what they look like, or what role they played in these events. What is the hiring process?

Resident physicians (in training) have regulations on regulations, milestones to pass, and have copious number of evaluations of them done by attending physicians, their peers, office staff, and patients. Physicians are held to such a standard because their work can mean life and death. What is the teaching and training process for these officers? How are they evaluated, punished, remediated, and terminated? Continuous bad performance reflects poor leadership, teachers, and system.

We need those responsible for these heinous acts, those that were directly AND indirectly involved to take responsibility. Otherwise we are just going to take care of incidents and events instead of making sure that those are in charge take responsibility by either stepping down or changing how they lead those under them.

We cannot and should not tolerate these hidden faces and names to escape the attention of justice.

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