• Dr. Francis Yoo

uncovering profound treasures by repeating experiences

I'm sure there is

a book that you re-read,

a tv show or movie you re-watched,

a place that you re-visited.

Each time you return, you are participating in a sort of cyclic time.

Every moment you read the same book, watch the same movie is imbued with all other times you participated in that moment. And each time that you come back to this item,

- you learn something new.

- you uncover something deeper that was always there

- you enjoy it even more

Authenticity, personal development, and more...

- Rather than being more about learning more about more things,

- it is about uncovering the depths and treasures therein that were always there.

Freedom and Authenticity

are a few of those profound treasures

that you uncover as you go deeper.

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