• Dr. Francis Yoo

Turn it around - start cultivating your authenticity

Do you feel like or have you ever felt like it has become the norm for physicians to sacrifice themselves for their job?

Have you sacrificed any of the following because of work?

Your... Lunchtime? Bathroom breaks? Sleep? Relationships? Interests and hobbies? Visions and dreams? Your lives?

Soon there won't be anything else to sacrifice.

This is what it means to live a life that drains your soul, your energy, your live, your love, your integrity, your dignity... until you can't even do that very work any more.

Turn it around

What is the life that continuously feeds and cultivates your soul, your energy, your life, your life, your integrity, your dignity... so much so that working is pleasant, powerful, and pleasurable.

This is your authentic physician life.

What is does this life look like for you?

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