• Dr. Francis Yoo

One must die to be resurrected.

People have layers and layers and different "selves" that constantly vie for top command and priority.

Sensations, energy and configuration patterns in body parts, memories

"Faces," personas, complexes

Emotions, feelings, moods, sentiments

Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, mindsets

Habits, behaviors, desires

It is a matter of course for these to clash and conflict.

It is easier to "fall asleep" and go on auto-pilot most of the time letting these slew of different selves run your life, feeding into a comfortable, pleasant, coasting life.

But to resurrect means to "wake up" and live a new life, a transformed life, a renewed life...

and this means death to maladaptive compensations, false beliefs, automatic thoughts, self-sabotaging habits, distortions of/in the soul...

one's "small"-selves must die for transformation to occur and one's Self-Essence to resurrect.

One cannot resurrect without dying first.

What needs to "die" in your current self?

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