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Non-somatic Extraordinary Vessel - Entering the Vessels: 6 Week Introductory Course

There are powerful knowledge, insights, and skills for health, wellness, and cultivation in ancient - traditional cultures.

Luckily, classical Chinese medicine teachings have found their way to modern day healers via various lineages. I had the honor of learning from the Non-somatic extraordinary vessel Healing Academy this Summer 2020.

Though I have been incorporating acupuncture and Chinese medicine concepts into my practice as physician for years, this course has given me profound realizations and practical tools to use for my own health, wellness, and cultivation as well as to help my patients. It was so impactful that I decided to take the 2020 Fall 12 week clinical course and become certified through them.

It looks like they are also holding the 6 week course again starting in January 10, 2021. I recommend checking it out even if you have no medical or no acupuncture background. They go through various techniques you can use on yourself, including assessing the Extraordinary Vessels using magnets and cords.

Check it out here:

(this is an affiliate link meaning I get some monies if you sign up using this link at no extra cost to you)

~ Dr. Francis Yoo, DO

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