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Do your perceived priorities match up with what you spend your money on?

Ramit Sethi of "I will teach you to be rich" fame has a concept/phrase called the "money dials". https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/money-dials/

According to him, there are 10 main areas people spend money that are prioritized differently between people:

  1. Convenience

  2. Travel

  3. Health / fitness

  4. Experiences

  5. Freedom

  6. Relationships

  7. Generosity

  8. Luxury

  9. Social status

  10. Self-improvement

He writes "Show me a person’s spending, and I can show you what they love."

This is actually quite a simple idea, but VERY informational and a very good way to learn about your priorities, values, behaviors, habits... and internal wackiness.

Here's an example: Let's say Dr. Gleeps reports her top values and priorities as being her relationships and generosity... but her money dials are travel and social status. hmmm....

Let's say Dr. Chilapoz reports his top values and priorities are health and self-improvement but all of his money is going into travel and relationships.

I'm not picking on them, and I'm not picking on you!

This is an easy exercise to MEASURE if your behavior, actions, and habits reflects what you THINK your values and priorities are.

First, take the 10 areas and list them to most important to least important to you.

Then take a look at your ACTUAL SPENDING and list the 10 areas in order of greatest percentage of your spend to least.


Do your perceived priorities match up with what you spend your money on?

I'm willing to say that your two lists are not the same, and for some of you they may be drastically different.

Is it painful? uncomfortable? shocking?

That's good!

Your soul, your authentic self is rumbling and and restless and wants you to change and transform.

I would love to hear your thoughts and get you started to take action while that urge is there!



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