• Dr. Francis Yoo

Covid Contemplations - Devaluation of Doctors (snippet)

The following is a snippet from the chapter "Devaluation of Doctors" from my upcoming book "Covid Contemplations for self-awareness and personal development."

COVID has revealed the inadequacies of the healthcare system and the amount of abuse physicians have tolerated so far. Physicians are finding that the healthcare system is trampling over their values, meaning, and lives even more so during the COVID pandemic. There has been a rise of physician organizations dedicated to healing and supporting each other, fighting for advocacy, and raising awareness of the abuse of physicians that causes them harm and increased rates of physician suicides.

Questions / exercise

Living in a way that violates your values is morally injurious, traumatic, and not conducive to a healthy life, but it is actually quite easy to live untrue to oneself. People all around you have advice or an opinion on how you should live your life; they place their values, expectations, hopes, and fears onto you. Will you live and die in a way that reflects your meaning, passion, and values or will you live the life everybody else wants you to live?

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