• Dr. Francis Yoo

Covid Contemplations

It's easy to look at others' behavior during these times and become critical.

"How can they be irresponsible and go to spring break!"

"Ugh who are those people hoarding toilet paper?!"

"Is the economy more important than people's lives?"

Now, I may have hit a pain point.


Whether we are looking at criticizing others or see a reaction welling up in us, it is an opportunity, a chance to reflect, become more self-aware, and grow as a human being.

We all have cognitive biases, defense mechanisms, and distortions abound, and they are more apparent in times of un-normality like these. It is simply a way that we cope with what is going on.

Someone may be looking at your comments/criticism of others and saying,

"Wow, how stupid, what does commenting on facebook posts and news articles actually accomplish?"

We all have our shortcomings... but those shortcomings are chances to know more about ourselves and how we can grow.

Covid contemplations for self-awareness and personal development.

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