• Dr. Francis Yoo

Continuous inspiration just makes you bloated

People really like to be inspired. There's a kind of rush that comes with the aha moment, a kind of shift.

But we have to remember that inspiration / inhalation is only one part of the respiratory cycle. If you keep inhaling, inhaling, inhaling, keep taking in that oxygen without doing anything with it... well nothing happens.

That inspiration, inhalation, oxygen needs to be acted upon.

Imagine that you took a breath and got a nice dose of oxygen. Once it gets to your lungs it's supposed to get into your bloodstream then to cells of your body. The cells then use that oxygen to live, to function, to DO STUFF.

Being inspired and not doing anything is the same thing as your cells getting the oxygen but not doing anything with it. No function, no action, no life.

Inspiration and inhalation needs to be followed by action, transformation, doing. This makes the carbon dioxide.

And what happens to the carbon dioxide? It needs to be exhaled. There needs to be exhalation and expiration - a finishing, a completion, a sign that something is DONE and you ready for more inspiration, another inhalation, and another breath in.

Cycle = Inspiration, Transformation, Expiration

Cycle = Inhalation, Metabolism, Exhalation

Just being inspired is only a part of the cycle. Just wanting inspiration, just being inspired is only part of the cycle.

Are you breathing in without doing anything with that breath and without breathing out?

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