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Acupuncture Can Reduce Painful Symptoms

Dr. Yoo O.D. Offers Acupuncture Services in New York City

Modern medicine offers many medications to help with pain and a wide variety of health problems. However, sometimes medications aren’t enough to help with discomfort and other symptoms. Acupuncture is an ancient health practice that has proven benefits for a number of conditions. Dr. Yoo, O.D., we offer a variety of modalities to help patients enjoy greater comfort and physical function.

Understanding What Acupuncture Does

Acupuncture was developed in China thousands of years ago as a treatment to improve health and mobility. It uses needles that are about the width of a human hair that are inserted at specific points in the body. The practice is said to increase the flow of “chi,” or energy in the body that is responsible for maintaining health. The more scientific explanation is that the needles block pain signals that flow through the body from affected areas. The insertion of needles also helps to stimulate natural pain-relieving chemicals in the human body.

Can Acupuncture Help You?

Studies have found acupuncture can help relieve symptoms associated with many health conditions. It has been used to treat headaches and migraines. Acupuncture can be helpful in relieving nausea and vomiting associated with cancer treatment. It is used to help back pain, neck pain and discomfort from arthritis. Many people use it to help with sports injuries. Acupuncture is also used to relieve discomfort from chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

What Happens During Acupuncture?

During an acupuncture session, the patient lies on a comfortable table. The practitioner determines the appropriate placement of the needles in advance in a way that will best treat the problem. The skin where the needles will go is carefully cleaned with an antiseptic. The sterilized needles are then placed into position. You will no more than a slight pinching as the needles are placed. The needles are left in position for a period of time and may be manipulated slightly during the session. After the treatment, the needles are removed, again painlessly, and the individual can continue their usual activities.

Choose Dr. Francis Yoo For Acupuncture in New York City

Dr. Francis Yoo is trained in a variety of health practices to help his patients in New York City enjoy greater comfort and improved well-being. We offer osteopathic manipulation, Chinese medicine, meditation and breathwork and whole person care. Contact Dr. Francis Yoo today for an appointment to learn how acupuncture can help with painful conditions and poor function.

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