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9 limiting beliefs for physician entrepreneurs and actualities

Here are 9 limiting beliefs for physician entrepreneurs and actualities based on the Enneagram.

Which ones can you relate to? Which one can you relate to the most?


Limiting belief = The quality of what I have to offer is so bad... everything has to be perfect before I can do anything!

Actuality = There already is true integrity in me and my work and in what I have to offer right now.


Limiting belief = I need to sacrifice my opportunities, money, time, energy, attention all for the sake of others.

Actuality = I am able to genuinely helping others without doing it for external validation.


Limiting belief = I don't have value unless I produce, win, succeed!

Actuality = I am already a winner and awesome, and I am not identified with my "success" and works.


Limiting Belief = I am so misunderstood, ugh why won't anyone appreciate my work?

Actuality = I have important, true, valuable experiences to share with others


Limiting Belief = I am just incompetent and I am not able to get any of this business stuff to work.

Actuality = I know and have everything I need right now to do what I need to next.


Limiting Belief = I can't trust myself and everyone else's advice is untrustworthy too!

Actuality = I can trust myself and others to help me on my entrepreneurial journey, whether the times are tough or not.


Limiting Belief = I need to keep looking for new things to do and ways to keep busy (but really distracting myself!) ! yeah, what a win!

Actuality = I am enthusiastic about the possibilities and opportunities in my work!


Limiting Belief = Ha! I am going to do this all myself... I don't need any coaches! I'll be everyone's coach!

Actuality = Facing my vulnerability and asking for help is true power and strength.


Limiting Belief = Hm things aren't going according to plan and there are mistakes... and there are conflicts? Nah, ignore it, everything will be fine...

Actuality = Being an entrepreneur can be rough and tough but being grounded and situated will get me through.

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