Your Enneagram or MBTI type

The Enneagram and MBTI are POWERFUL tools that help you with understanding yourself. This is essential for improving personal wellness, professional and career journey, and relationships.


Unfortunately there is so much misinformation and misconception out there. Wow.

As someone trained and certified in both models, I'm here to help you determine your Enneagram or MBTI type.

First, book a zoom-call with me or e-mail me at


Second, we'll discuss logistics including which type you want to work with.

Third,  I will send you the 

RHETI/IVQ for Enneagram

or MBTI for the MBTI to take. 

Fourth, we'll set up a zoom call to dive deep to identify your type; the session will be 1-1.5 hours.

(This may seem like a long time but it takes that long to make real progress)

The session will be recorded and sent to you.


Please note that it would not be uncommon to not definitely identify your type. For example, it took me years before I determined my Enneagram type. However it should get you on the right track.

The fee for this service is $500.

But for a limited time I will be discounting it to $250 (half off) until the end of August. 

(If you are on my e-mail list or a member of my Facebook Group, you get it as a complimentary service (i.e. $0) if you let me know before September hits!)

Don't delay and take advantage of this opportunity today!

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