Discover & Develop Yourself

Are you a motivated physician that wants more out of life?

Do you want to truly test your limitless potential?

Do you have aspirational life goals and ambitions? 

Financial independence - retire early?

Turn a great idea into a great business?

Start your own private practice?

Travel the world while earning passive income?

Foster robust, healthy relationships?

Be at home every time your children are so you can be with them?

Transform the healthcare system?

True inner peace?


There's one issue. A big one.

A significant obstacle disrupts your path REGARDLESS OF YOUR GOALS:

You, getting in your own way!


I am a physician and expert in the Enneagram and the MBTI. 

I use these models and tools to help physicians

to become aware of how they sabotage and limit themselves:

habituated behavior, 

distorted thoughts and beliefs,

emotional reactions.

Doing inner work and practicing self-awareness gives you profound insight and understanding into yourself:

how you react to excessive stress,

your beloved gifts,

default patterns you rely on to get you through the day

at the expensive of real growth and development.

Join me to gain profound inner insight and knowledge as well as practical skills that you can use to continually build yourself. 

How it works:

First, set up a call to figure out which program is best for you.

Second, you join a group of like-minded, motivated physicians.

Third, you participate in 8 weeks of 

- lessons,

- Q&A sessions for clarity, 

- individual sessions for personal help,

- exercises and practices that will build skills you can use to continually develop self-awareness and do inner work.

Sign up to get your complementary 

Mini Online Course: GPS For Your Life

1) Identify your vision and misison.

2) Identify obstacles, missing roads, and detours.

3) Make a practical plan

4) Decide on the "no-brainer" next step

This mini online course was originally designed to be shared with my Facebook Group, but I am now making it available outside of it. Sign up to get access to this two-hour mini-online course and more.

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