Do You Have a Definitive Purpose and Plan for Your Life

Learn to Live as “The Authentic Dr. You” with Dr. Francis Yoo


You are a physician and are among the most educated people in the whole world.

You've accomplished a lot. 

So then, are you enjoying a life absolutely filled with meaning and impact? Are you sharing a lot of precious moments with family and friends, pursuing hobbies and interests, making great money in a rewarding career, contributing to the greater good?

If you said "not really," that's not really a surprise.

The problem is that the education system, especially medical school and residency, is designed to teach you a lot of things, but not the insight, knowledge, and skills that you need to live a meaningful, impactful life that is uniquely yours. 

I understand your pain as someone who was running all over the place wearing my many, many hats - clinician, preceptor for residents and students, residency program director, family medicine department vice-chair, starting clinic sessions in new locations, working on quality improvement projects - all while starting my part-time private practice!

Now, I want to share with you my experience and expertise on how to gain invaluable insights to your potential and skills to surpass self-sabotage, and practical strategies and steps to get to your vision for the meaningful, impactful life that is uniquely yours.

I realized that staying on this path would only lead me further away from getting more out of life AND giving more in life! 

I sat down with all the inner work, self-awareness, and personal development education I invested in for the past 18 to come up with a definitive purpose and plan to live the meaningful, impactful life that is uniquely mine.

Here's how it works

First, SET UP A CALL to see if we're a good fit to work together.

If a one-on-one coaching format works better for you we'll go on a 3 month journey together

If we determine that a group-coaching program is better for you we will then put you in a group of like-minded, motivated physicians for a 12 week program.

By the end you will have

1. A clear vision of what you want and where you WANT to be heading.

2. A clear understanding of how to get there.

3. A clear way to choose and take your next steps.

How well do you know yourself?

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