Back Pain Doctor

The True Advantages Provided By A Back Pain Doctor.

According to a study published by Georgetown University, nearly 8% of all adults will experience chronic or persistent back pain. Chronic back pain can be as debilitating as it is uncomfortable, leaving adults unable to do the things they may once have enjoyed. A back pain doctor like Dr. Francis Yoo can help by employing osteopathic manipulative medicine.

How Does A Back Pain Doctor Help?

An osteopathic medical professional focuses on the overall structure of the human body as well as how the system connects. A doctor of Osteopathic Medicine can use OMT to address muscular pain, tendon pain, and even bone pain due in part to structural imbalances. From applying gentle pressure to manipulating muscles and soft tissues, OMTs can support your back pain treatment.

To tackle your chronic or recurring back pain with a back pain doctor, simply schedule a phone call with Dr. Francis Yoo at your convenience!